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Grateful Dead, MSG -September 14, 1990 NYC

I remember being at our usual bar in the city before this show. The buzz was the shows in Cleveland and Philadelphia were mediocre at best. It wasn’t encouraging news.  Brent had passed a few months prior, and Vince Welnick was now playing keyboards. I remember being at the Foxboro show in July 90 and […]

steven santarpia

Steven Santarpia – Standing In The Shadows Press Release

Press release from February 26, 2021.

Grateful Dead

How I Got Into The Grateful Dead

Steven Santarpia Grateful Dead A young Steven Santarpia had no clue who The Grateful Dead were. I was very naive about music. The Grateful Dead were not on my radar until 1987 when I went to college in New London, Connecticut. Before that, my group of friends either listened to WNEW (New York City) classic […]