1996 Concert Radiohead review steven santarpia

Radiohead Concert Review- Roseland, Ballroom, NYC 1996

Live at the Roseland Ballroom

This show is up on YouTube with a C quality audience recording. It’s not the easiest thing to listen to. Fair warning. This is the bands second time playing Roseland which closed down in 2014.  It was always a great place to see a show in NYC. The band seem to be into it on this night. Not like Chicago show from a week earlier. The band breaks out the new song I Promise for the sixth time. The encore ends with The Bends. I believe there is music playing over the PA to indicate the show is over. However, the crowd gets the band to come out for a second encore and they play the sexiest song ever recorded, Nobody Does It Better, which ends the show. Highlights include Street Spirit (Fade Out), Lucky, Lift, and a maniac Just.

By Steven Santarpia

Steven Santarpia is my name. I'm a big fan of both Radiohead and The Grateful Dead. The two best bands i've ever seen live. For the Grateful Dead, I mostly saw New York area shows. My first Grateful Dead show was in 1988. I've done a lot more traveling to Radiohead shows. My first Radiohead show was in 1997.

Favorite musical artists include The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Band, Radiohead, REM, Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Bjork, and The Grateful Dead.

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