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Radiohead Review – Pinkpop Festival 1996

Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands, May 27, 1996

This is a show many Radiohead fans are familiar with: Pinkpop Festival from May of 1996. I know I’ve watched it many times. Though it’s a cold and wet day, they seem to rise to the occasion despite these weather conditions. The band starts off in fine form with an energized Iron Lung going into Planet Telex. They play an early version of Electioneering which Thom and Ed are clearly enjoying. Nice Dream is next and it’s always great to hear this song. This is a song I hope they break out again. The highlight for me from this show has always been this version of Lift. The first time Lift was played was March 28, 1996 at The Edge in Palo Alto, CA making this the 13th time they played it live. The Lift from this show is perfect. Maybe the best one they’ve ever played. Thom’s voice and the band sound so fucking good.  It’s one of my favorite Radiohead moments.

Thom then lets it rip at the end of Creep. The band plays an early version of Lucky which is more organ driven during the verses. Thom’s also playing a Fender Jazzmaster. The following year he’ll be playing it on a Rickenbacker which gives the song that distinctive sound. The video ends with a killer version of Fake Plastic Trees.

This show is an essential listen for any Radiohead fan. It’s one of their better concerts available to listen to from this era. Great performances and energy. The show sounds fantastic. An added bonus, Thom’s playing most of the show in yellow rain gear.

Note: You and Just are on separate videos. The encore, Anyone Can Play Guitar, is on the setlist but not available on video.

Radiohead Pinkpop 1996

By Steven Santarpia

Steven Santarpia is my name. I'm a big fan of both Radiohead and The Grateful Dead. The two best bands i've ever seen live. For the Grateful Dead, I mostly saw New York area shows. My first Grateful Dead show was in 1988. I've done a lot more traveling to Radiohead shows. My first Radiohead show was in 1997.

Favorite musical artists include The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Band, Radiohead, REM, Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Bjork, and The Grateful Dead.

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